M. rectus abdominis

Rectus muscle of abdomen

from the front


Xiphoid process, cartilages of 5th, 6th, and 7th ribs - pubic crest.


Primary function: Flexes  lumbar vertebrae (back bone).

Secondary function: contractions.  

Gets support from tendons of the other stomach muscles in the rectus sheath 

Holds up  the front part of the pelvis.


Flat, divided in intersectiones tendineae  @ 3 - 5 pair.

Divided length wise  by a tendon,  linea alba, which goes from the xiphoid process to 
the pubic crest.


Branches of lower thoracic 7 -12 and lumbar plexus  L 1.


Mm. erector spinae. (erector spinae muscle complex)


If tight, obstructs breathing  and movement of the diaphragm - Mm. diaphragma  

Pain in the groin / pain  on crest  of pubic bone can be sign of a torn ligament/muscle
= requires contact with Doctor.


Short sit-ups (knees bent). Walking  and running.

More effective training: lay on floor, tighten gluteus maximus - press knee fold against 
the floor - do palmar (bend foot downwards) flexion, and after, do short sit ups