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Are you studying anatomy ???
This CD is for you!!!
On CD-ROM for
you with PC.
Specific info about
the body`s muscles.
A source of information
for the future.


  • Over 160 muscles are described
    127 are illustrerated in color.

  • Dictionary latin/english.
    Terminology and pictures of
    different incisions.

  • Training advice and BMI-table.

  • Info about the musculoskeletal system,
    skeleton, tissues and the cell.

  • Information about the muscles name - function and training.
"study material for you
who want to know more
about what is hiding
under the skin"

"Illustrations in two sizes"

"Pedagogic = easy to use"

Click on the links below to see some of the pages on the CD - ROM.
Click here to see a muscle - page Click here if you want to read about the cell
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